AFixt Inc. Launches to Revolutionize Web and App Accessibility

Davidsonville, Maryland — November 13, 2023 — AFixt Inc., a new web design and development firm, announces its launch today, pioneering the hands-on improvement of digital accessibility. Dedicated to resolving accessibility challenges in websites and applications, AFixt offers innovative solutions to an industry grappling with increasing web accessibility litigation and evolving compliance requirements.

Karl Groves, an industry expert with over 20 years of experience, leads AFixt as its CEO. Under his guidance, the company focuses on making digital platforms universally accessible, addressing a critical gap in today’s digital landscape. “Our mission is to ensure that websites and applications are not just compliant with accessibility standards, but also deliver an inclusive user experience for everyone,” Karl Groves remarks.

Central to AFixt’s offerings is its Remediation Service, a hands-on approach to fixing inaccessible code in websites, web-based software, and mobile applications. This service is complemented by additional offerings such as maintenance and monitoring, accessibility training, help desk support, and strategic consulting.

What sets AFixt apart in the industry is its commitment to not only identifying accessibility issues but also implementing effective solutions. This proactive approach distinguishes the firm in a sector where many consultants stop at audits, leaving clients without practical remediation strategies.

AFixt targets a diverse range of industries including banking, healthcare, education, airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail, insurance, software, B2B tech, and government agencies, primarily in North America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Oceania.

The company’s marketing strategy leverages knowledge marketing and social media to establish itself as a thought leader in the accessibility domain. AFixt’s philosophy of interconnectedness within the accessibility profession is key to building its brand and fostering trust in the market.

AFixt Inc. is established as a corporation in Maryland, with a vision to sustain and grow under its current leadership. This structure allows for flexibility in its operational and ownership model, in line with its inclusive business ethos.

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