The best part about what I do for a living is the ability it provides me to help others learn and understand more about making technology that is universally usable. I’m proud to have been able to inspire all of the kind words below and thankful for each one.

Karl Groves is one of my references for web accessibility problem resolution and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Web and Application accessibility. I am fortunate have known Karl for quite a while and his passion for usability and accessibility cannot be overstated. He is an innovator and Tenon.IO is one example of a great accessibility testing tool that developers can truly benefit from in their workflow – I have not found another as robust and helpful. Karl is an excellent instructor using client provided and customized real world scenarios for accessibility training. I would not hesitate to procure his services for high level and /or in-depth Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility training. Simply put, he knows ICT accessibility and we are fortunate to have a colleague such as Karl to call upon for help.
Philip Voorhees, Technology Accessibility Coordinator, UNLV

Citations in Publications

My work has been cited in the following books, white papers, and academic research dealing with accessibility, usability, web development, and e-business:


White Papers/ Academic Research

Kudos from Peers

The following kudos come from recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile

Karl visited us for a trivago academy session in November 2016. With his engaging and very informative talk “I never knew a website could hurt someone” he brought the world of accessibility to the eyes of those who may not be aware about the importance of this topic. Karl was a very entertaining speaker and clearly spoke from his heart about something that is very important to him. The overall rating of the presentation based on the participants feedback is 4.14 out of 5.​​
Christoph Reinartz, Teamlead UI/UX at trivago

I attended several presentations by Karl. I am always impressed with his level of knowledge and expertise of digital accessibility. I always enjoy learning from Karl via his blog. His testing tool, Tenon, demonstrate his involvement and passion to web accessibility.
Toufic Sbeiti – Co Organizer at a11yYOW – Accessibility Camp Ottawa

Karl is a brilliant, self-directed, quirky leader and practitioner of the art of digital accessibility. His blog is readable, insightful, and illuminating. The Tenon testing tool is a great way for developers to maintain accessibility within projects of all sizes. I enjoy working with and learning from Karl, whatever hat he is wearing – and I bet you will too.
Sharron Rush – Executive Director at

Karl has a rare combination of qualities in that he is both extremely competent and cares very much about the people for whom he is delivering. He will find the best solution, and will not relent until it is delivered. I could not possibly recommend him more, both as a professional and as a human being.
Robin Berjon – Scholarly Publishing Technologist, Former Editor of the HTML specification

Karl is a highly skilled web developer who bakes accessibility into everything he creates. His future forward thinking in this arena led to the creation of, one of the leading web accessibility testing tools on the market.
Accessibility first is a label I have put on his approach towards building on the open web, and in most instances is the most optimal approach to any public facing web site. Being diverse and inclusive isn’t just about checking off Section 508 boxes; its about putting others before yourself and understanding the web is for all.

J. Albert Bowden II – Web Developer at Pew Research Center

I had the pleasure of meeting mister Groves at web accessibility international conferences. On each opportunity, we had great discussions not only about web accessibility but also about agile management techniques (in particular SCRUM), unobtrusive JavaScript and FLOSS philosophy and ethics.

Mister Groves is a pragmatic accessibility expert with business value in mind. Product owner satisfaction and stakeholders return on investment without compromising content accessibility is often a difficult task to achieve safely and solidly but mister Groves excels at it.
Samuel Sirois – Software Consultant

I discovered Karl’s extensive technical expertise and business sense through his blog, which I strongly recommend to anyone seeking for solid, mind-stimulating information and opinions about digital accessibility. I was lucky enough to befriend him through various exchanges, and finally meet him at CSUN’12. I have been constantly impressed by his command on virtually any web-related technology, and his unmatched understanding of business needs. Best of all, he is a very nice guy, always professional and sympathetic, who can be approached easily. Definitely someone I am glad I have met!
Olivier Nourry – Business Development Manager at Qelios

I have known and worked with Karl in the field of Web Accessibility for approximately five years.

His knowledge and expertise of the subject matter ranks him in the class of Expert in my mind. From deeply understanding the technical requirements (and nuances) of developing accessible web content, through to a thorough grasp of policy, process and implementation of web accessibility at the enterprise level, Karl gets a hearty recommendation from me as being one of the best.

John Foliot – Senior Accessibility SME and Architect Manager at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Karl exemplifies both the heart and science of browser and desktop accessibility. His technical knowledge is matched with a deep, fluent understanding of how barrier-free content can be delivered within regulatory constraints. As a presenter, his use of plain language makes translating difficult concepts easier for new audiences. As a writer, his blog remains a key resource for those navigating the tricky waters of accessibility.

Karl once told me that “accessibility is about providing fundamental human services to as many people in as many situations as possible.” I end nearly every presentation with that quote, so I’m honored to endorse his services as a trusted colleague and — more importantly — a valued friend and inspiration.

Kel Smith – Principal, Anikto, and author of Digital Outcasts

I have had the opportunity to get to know Karl through a variety of initiatives over the years and his skill at providing an understanding of accessibility, where gaps exists, what the standards are and what you need to do to be compliant is unprecedented.
Robert Pearson – Director, Accessible Digital Media, Accessible Media, Inc.

Karl is one of the best and most influential web accessibility experts out there today. Pragmatic, focused and driven, he gets the job done and always makes sure to provide the best recommendations, for both the clients and the end users. I would highly recommend him for anything ranging from web accessibility training, to web accessibility audits or accessible web development.
Denis Boudreau – Web Accessibility Avenger at Deque Systems, Inc

I’ve seen Karl teach accessibility classes (and as the coordinator of AccessU, an accessibility conference, I’ve also seen his evaluations). He’s top notch. I’ve learned a lot from Karl and I know others have too. He knows what he’s talking about and is an engaging and dynamic speaker.

Jayne Schurick – Usability Engineer, Mile 7

Karl and I worked together as part of a highly skilled group of Developers, which included Humana associates and several agencies, on a major enterprise wide web platform restructuring. Karl worked with us through one of those agencies and provided a high level of expertise across the three major technologies of Front-End Development – HTML, CSS and JavaScript – and properly utilizing those to create a UI and UX that is 508 compliant and accessible to everyone. He assisted us with creating several key framework modules, making sure they were truly accessible. Also, through both formal and informal means, he assisted with training and knowledge transfer with the internal Humana development team. Ensuring that we had the knowledge necessary to continue maintaining accessible web properties.

Karl is a leader in the Accessibility field and his time on your project is some of the most valuable you’ll ever have.
Mathew Ballard – Front-End Developer Technical Lead at Humana

Karl is one of the most knowledgeable Accessibility consultants you will ever find. He has a rare combination of expertise in process, management and technology, and understanding accessibility from a user-centered point of view. I recommend Karl to anyone who needs to improve the accessibility of their web-based software with a high ROI.

Jimmy Chandler – Director of UX, Modus Create

Karl has an encyclopedic knowledge of accessibility requirements for both 508 and WCAG standards. He understands what is needed to implement accessibility effectively and in a manner that provides the greatest benefit to those with disabilities. I have frequently sought out his opinions on issues where the most effective and efficient implementation path was not clear.
Michael Moore – Accessibility Coordinator at Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

Karl is a very knowledgeable, and dynamic, accessibility consultant and trainer. As a long time developer/programmer, Karl knows all of the tricks to show the development team how to create accessible content.

Karl also knows how to show the Executive Suite why accessibility should matter to their bottom line.

I have had many long and thoughtful discussions about the details of meeting the WCAG Success Criteria, and I look forward to many more.

Barry Johnson – Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems, Inc

Karl Groves is on a very short list of people I would go to for help ensuring that a website or software application is accessible to people with disabilities. He knows thoroughly the W3C’s guidelines (WCAG 1 and 2 and ATAG 1 and 2) and the corresponding American legal requirements known by the short name of Section 508. He also knows the strengths and weaknesses of every tool I know of for assessing conformance with WCAG, ATAG, and Section 508.

If your organization needs accessibility training, Karl would be an excellent choice. He is an effective and professional instructor. I’ve also had the pleasure of serving with Karl on the Education and Outreach Working Group of the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative. In that role I have come to know his pragmatism, respect for others’ viewpoints, sincerity, and dedication to excellence. And let it not go unsaid that he is highly committed to the goal of making the Web fully accessible to people with disabilities.

In short, Karl is a respected leader in the field of accessibility of electronic information resources. He is reliable, is responsible, and has great integrity. If you rely on him to meet your needs, you will find that he listens well and, in spite of his vast understanding of the field, is quite humble. You will be served well, and you will be glad you chose to work with him.

Cliff Tyllick – Senior Business Manager (Web Accessibility) at AT&T Corporate Accessibility Technology Office

Karl is an effective and compelling communicator and teacher. What sets him apart, though, is that he’s got the technical skill and business savvy to practice what he preaches. It’s a rare gift to be able to conceive, pitch, champion and implement an idea. Many of us excel at one aspect of solution delivery; Karl can do it all.
Eric Wright – Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

Karl is truly an expert in the realm of web and digital accessibility. Coming from the world of application development, Karl understands more than simply what a system should behave like in order to be accessible. He knows how to get under the hood and make the system behave as it should. His intellectual curiosity, professional pride and human touch make him an invaluable asset not only to those that hire him but also to the accessibility community at large. I wholeheartedly recommend Karl to any organization, large or small, that has a need for accessibility training, remediation or consultation of any sort.
Rob Carr – Accessibility Coordinator at Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Karl is quality. I value his deep knowledge of accessibility balanced by his pragmatic approach. He listens closely to the needs of his clients and provides solutions that meet and often exceed the requirements. He is smart yet humble and highly self-motivated. Karl is a self made man who inspires me to strive to be the best that I can be.

Glenda Sims – Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems, Inc

Karl and I worked together in Deque Systems in developing training material for Deque’s suite of accessibility products. Karl directly supervised me on several projects and it was a pleasure to work with him. He has excellent time-management and project planning skills. He is very approachable and is always willing to share his expert accessibility knowledge and innovative training development ideas. He is also a very respectful and an encouraging manager with a wide range of technical and accessibility expertise. I look forward to working on more projects with Karl

Urmila Kashyap – User Experience Designer at Moody’s Analytics

Karl is a self motivated professional and expert in his field. It has been my pleasure to work with him. He is dedicated to the Accessibility space, and his hard work proves it. I would be happy to work with Karl on any project.

Donald Evans – Principal Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems, Inc

Karl has a combination of accessibility intuition and amazing analytical skills that give him a deep understanding of what constitutes best practice accessibility. His work is always thorough, and you can be sure you’ll get top advice when you hire him!
Joe Dolson – Accessible Web Developer and Consultant

Karl is an innovator and an advocate in the web accessibility community. He started the Accessiblity Baltimore meetup at the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and has a reputation as one of the best trainers in the field.

Patrick Timony – Librarian, Adaptive Technology, DC Public Library

I have had the good fortune to work with Karl at Deque Systems where he directed the training program. Karl joined Deque and quickly organized the course curriculum and began to build a very effective program that has been well received by our clients. On one large project, Karl created a skills assessment survey that was taken by over 100 employees of a company. This skills assessment survey was key to identifying areas where this client needed specific attention and we were able to create a comprehensive training program that resulted in a much more knowledgeable client. Karl has shown that he is very comfortable in client settings and is always considered to be a valued member of any account team. Karl has great communication skills and an engaging personality that clients really appreciate.

Paul Davidson – Federal Accounts Manager at Deque Systems, Inc

Karl is very passionate about everything he does, from his volunteer work, to his business endeavours. A solid guy who isn’t shy about keeping on top of things and getting the job done

Brian Huisman – Web Developer at Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

There is no “It can’t be done” with Karl. Karl’s steadfast determination proved time and time again that the reality can match the fantasy, or in this case, the delivered product can match or exceed the spec. Karls tenacity for thoroughness and his patient, and detailed instruction made working for him not only easy and enjoyable, but highly rewarding for both me, and especially his client.

Randy Goldstein – Owner,, Inc.

Kudos from Presentations

Web Conference at Penn State, 2015

It was my please to present “Web Components Demystified” at the Web Conference at Penn State in June 2015

Rate Presentation Overall Rate your satisfaction with the presenter(s)’ knowledge of the subject matter Rate the overall quality of the speaker(s) presentation/delivery Rate the relevance of this topic Did you learned something new/helpful/useful?
Excellent Satisfied Good Good Yes
Excellent Satisfied Good Good Yes
Excellent Very Satisfied Excellent Excellent Yes
Good Satisfied Excellent Excellent Yes
Excellent Very Satisfied Excellent Excellent Yes
Good Satisfied Good Good Yes
Excellent Very Satisfied Excellent Excellent Yes
Excellent Very Satisfied Excellent Excellent Yes
Average Very Satisfied Average Good Yes
Good Very Satisfied Good Good Yes
Good Very Satisfied Good Excellent Yes

AccessU 2013

AccessU 2013 was my fourth time teaching at this annual event put on by Knowbility. This time around I delivered a solo session on accessibility testing, a joint session with Sharron Rush and Elle Waters, and an all-day workshop on Forms accessibility. Below is the unedited survey information from participants in the accessibility testing session

Viking Accessibility: The Warrior’s Approach to Hands-on Testing

Ratings (5=Great)
  • Knowledgeable of subject: 5
  • Communication of subject: 5
  • Engaging: 5
  • Overall: 5
What was the most interesting about this presentation?
  • Descriptions of some of the tools
  • Recommendations
  • Everything
  • Different tools to use
  • The demo; hands on. Slides were real good too.
  • Discussion and examples of HTML
Three things I learned:
  • Modal diary (sic) info
  • Table chart issues
  • Use of Wave
  • Firebug
  • How to read inaccessible items
  • Love the examples provided
  • Testing methodology
  • Tools for lessons
  • Using voice over
What suggestions do you have for improving the presentation?
  • Not much. Did get lost a little trying to deal with MAC and loading add on.
  • If there was a complimentary course on development that matched this testing class, that would be awesome.
Have more to add? Other comments:
  • Really great stuff. Thanks Karl.
  • He went through slides a bit fast.
  • Awesome presentation Karl!
  • The examples are great – would add an answer sheet for errors on the examples.
  • Fantastic presentation.
  • Great job!

AccessU 2012

In May 2012 it was my pleasure to teach at AccessU for the third year in a row. As before, I did two sessions on “Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise” and “Evaluating Web Accessibility”. The below information comes directly, unedited, from the surveys students filled out after each session:

“Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise”


(5=Complete Agree; 1=Completely Disagree)

  • Overall: 4.6
  • The objectives of the class were clearly stated: 4.2
  • The instructor(s) were knowledgeable on the subject presented: 4.8
  • The instructor communicated the subject clearly: 4.7
  • The slides and handouts were well done and supported learning: 4.7
  • My understanding of the topic was improved by attending this class: 4.8
  • I gained knowledge that I will implement in my work within 30 days: 4.4
  • Overall, I was satisfied with this class: 4.7
  • I would recommend this training to others: 4.7
What was most useful about this class?
  • So nice to have knowledgeable person who is good as a presenter. Learned a lot, very helpful and didn’t talk down to people.
  • Very thorough – great info.
  • Integrating accessibility into the process
Three Things I Learned:

Comment: I owe the first two of these to John Foliot

  • Awareness on accessibility don’t be like a police officer be a fireman
  • Be a mensch
  • Integrate accessibility into everything no separately.
  • 20 questions
  • Negative factors – misconceptions
  • Positive factors – Pragmatism
  • Defining specifics.
  • Assessing processes.
  • Collaborative
  • Don’t over sell the problems
Suggestions for Improving the Class
  • Maybe want to be careful about insulting your audience. We have a very well developed accessibility testing process group and our quality assurance engineers in accessibility testing are technical and usability experts. By the way: “ Compliance Sheriff” not Sherriff.
Other comments
  • Very informative. Probably the best session I have attended.
  • Loved the resources. Great knowledge

Evaluating Web Accessibility


(5=Complete Agree; 1=Completely Disagree)

  • Overall: 4.7
  • The objectives of the class were clearly stated: 4.6
  • The instructor(s) were knowledgeable on the subject presented: 4.8
  • The instructor communicated the subject clearly: 4.8
  • The slides and handouts were well done and supported learning: 4.8
  • My understanding of the topic was improved by attending this class: 4.8
  • I gained knowledge that I will implement in my work within 30 days: 4.5
  • Overall, I was satisfied with this class: 4.6
  • I would recommend this training to others: 4.8
What was most useful about this class?
  • Fire eyes demo, web developer demo
  • Great start to setting up a evaluation process
  • Learning about testing tools including Fire Eyes
  • Learned some new tools.
  • Process & Firebug & Fire Eyes Walk Thru
  • New tools and links.
  • Provided a good list of tool to be requested.
Three things I learned
  • Test
  • Many tools available for testing.
  • Some common issues with testing at different levels.
  • Best Practices.
  • TS Steps
  • Testing Types
  • Test documentation process.
  • Fire eyes usage
  • The need for a more regimented approach to evaluating methods.
  • Use of case testing (sic) is effective but time consuming.
  • Made participant re-think level of expertise
  • What kinds of questions to inquire at leadership at work.
Suggestions for improving the class
  • Technical issues with laptop provided by university.
  • It was a bit disjointed at times.
  • Slides and technical issues slowed the pace.
Other comments
  • Great and helpful resources.
  • Thanks!

AccessU 2011

In May 2011, I did two sessions on “Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise” and “Evaluating Web Accessibility” for Knowbility’s annual AccessU conference. The below information comes directly, unedited, from the surveys students filled out after each session:

Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise

  • Overall rating of this training (avg.): 4.8/5
  • Instructor’s understanding of subject (avg.): 4.8/5
  • Instructor’s communication of subject (avg.): 4.8/5
  • Would you recommend this course to others?
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
  • The best thing about this course was:
    • Learning new ways of documenting or specifying objectives in accessibility for the web
    • His knowledge about the topic!
    • Everything – great speaker, provides handout and new material detailing info
    • Info shared and instant access to resources online
  • If I could change one thing about this training, I would:
    • Nothing!
    • Add a few more jokes
  • List 3 things you learned in this class:
    • Questions to ask about maturity of company, Stats about accessibility and those who implement it, Agile
    • Eval compliance, building accessibility into development, Risk management
    • “20” questions for gauging organizational maturity, defining the problem that includes costs, levels of managing compliance
  • Have more to add?
    • Great job! I think you are, by far, the best instructor at this program. Thank you for realizing that hysteria is not a positive way to advocate for accessibility.
    • Best class ever!

Evaluating Web Accessibility

  • Overall rating of this training (avg.): 4.5/5
  • Instructor’s understanding of subject (avg.): 4.75/5
  • Instructor’s communication of subject (avg.): 4.63/5
  • Would you recommend this course to others?
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
  • The best thing about this course was:
    • Nice explanation of issues involved, and types of testing
    • Interesting, fun, informative
    • The instructor’s bluntness of the subject
    • Volumes of info on testing
    • Tools
    • Testing resources referred and discussed
    • Learning about the different testing options
    • Automotion Testing
  • If I could change one thing about this training, I would:
    • Add a few more jokes
    • Did not fill the time slot
    • Try to find some way to up participant activity
    • Add breaks
    • All good
  • List 3 things you learned in this class:
    • Free screenreader nvda, using a methodology
    • How to set up a checklist, useful tools (mostly free), things to consider when looking into automated tools
    • Fire Eyes, Unit testing
    • Harware manipulation
  • Have more to add?
    • I enjoyed the Fire Eyes demo, too! Thx!

AccessU 2010

In May 2010, I did two three-hour sessions on “Evaluating Web Accessibility” for Knowbility’s annual AccessU conference. The below information comes directly, unedited, from the surveys students filled out after each session:

  • Overall Rating of this training
    • Great 57.15%
    • Good 28.6%
    • OK 14.3%
    • Poor 0%
    • Very Poor 0%
  • Instructor’s Understanding of Subject
    • Great 96.45%
    • Good 3.55%
    • OK 0%
    • Poor 0%
    • Very Poor 0%
  • Instructor’s Communication of Subject
    • Great 84.5%
    • Good 15.5%
    • OK 0%
    • Poor 0%
    • Very Poor 0%
  • Would you recommend this course to others?
    • Yes 92.9%
    • No 0.0%
    • Not Sure 7.1%

Open-Ended Survey Questions

The following are the answers to the open-ended questions on the AccessU 2010 questionnaire (again, unedited):

  • The best thing about this course was:
    • Websites, tools and examples
    • Instructor’s understanding of the subject
    • List of testing tools
    • Understanding of the evaluation process, shared great resources
    • It was a steep learning curve, but I enjoyed it
    • all resources are available to see
    • Content was fantastic
    • have a better idea of how to put together a testing process
    • Examples, methodology with explanation
    • Practical examples and methodology content
    • Great site to supplement materials and a good pace
    • Clear, practical guidelines and references for testing
    • so many materials
    • Instructor and material
    • The resources provided, like the evaluation checklist
  • If I could change one thing about this training, I would:
    • nothing, Karl knows his stuff! Bring him back every year
    • nothing, love it, love it!
    • more specific walk through of actual test, not just theory
    • more time
  • Have more to add? Please do
    • Thank you!
    • Best class at this conference, Great Job!
    • I liked learning about Karl’s testing methodology and the reasoning behind it
    • Karl is a very good instructor, very knowledgeable
    • Great Speaker