If you’ve been here before, things likely look different. I have redesigned and replatformed this site and plan on posting here more frequently again.

There was once a time when I was posting stuff here on average of a few times a month. Eventually, I moved to writing most stuff on the Tenon blog, but writing there was much less consistent because I was often too busy with "real work" to write.

With the acquisition of Tenon I’m back to a better work-life balance and can afford the "spoons" to write more here.

What to expect to see

My new role at Level Access is an interesting one where I am responsible for a lot of varied things (perfect for my ADHD) and some of that involves writing, so most of my development and testing related stuff will be there. There are a few things I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes there that I’ll be announcing soon. As a result, my accessibility-related stuff on this site will be more aimed at the business side of managing accessibility.

I will also be going through every past post on this site to review and update them to make sure the content is still relevant and accurate. While I believe that Cool URIs don’t die some posts here were super irrelevant or not useful and have been deleted. Don’t worry, I promise you won’t miss them.

Finally, I’m adding a new category of content: Car Stuff. It is currently empty, but won’t be for long.

My biggest passion in life isn’t accessibility or web development or anything tech-related. Since I was very young I’ve been in love with hot rods and muscle cars. I’ve posted a fair amount of car-related content on social media but I’ve decided that a single location for all of that is better, especially so that those who are interested in that stuff can get an organized archive in a single place.