I posted this to Facebook but wanted to share on my site, too. This is where I spend my weekends when it is cold outside:

Note: alt attribute on each image is blank. Visible text under the image describes the image.

Looking into the entrance-way. Drill press and lathe straight ahead. Chalkboard paint along the left wall. Dust collection system viewable overhead. Pipe clamps clamped to support beam.

View from right past the entrance-way. Glue-ups in progress on my work table. There’s no such thing as too many clamps. Ahead and to the left you can see the band saw. To the left of that is my crappy little router table. Dust collection system also in view.

View straight ahead past entrance way. Drill press right in front. Just past that is the lathe with a rosewood bowl blank mounted. Further ahead is my new grinder. Various supplies are on the shelves along the wall. The lower shelf is all finishing supplies such as wipe-on poly, glue, sandpaper, etc. while the upper shelf is mostly misc. On the floor ahead are various scraps of wood. Most scraps are thrown away but I occasionally save stuff that may be useful later, such as for experimenting with a joint before doing the final piece.

View of the side of the room that has the drill press and lathe. The lathe is a 42-inch Delta Rockwell. Right behind the lathe is a dust collection box. Unfortunately my dust collector doesn’t have enough horsepower to make the box useful. On top of the dust collection box is a DIY air filter powered by a high-powered computer fan. To the left of that is another box that holds drills and various drill-related stuff like a Kreg jig, drill bits and forstner bits. Not shown: On this side, the workbench is actually a cabinet. Inside the cabinet is 6 glass carboys fermenting beer.

Corner of the room by the lathe. Parts bin on the wall. Shelves with finishing supplies, sharpening supplies, and sanding supplies as well as two grinders on the bench. Dust collection hoses along the top.

Dust collection hoses are also prominent in this picture as is the band saw.

Back wall showing 12-inch compound miter saw. Behind that is pegboard wall holding various tools. Hammers, chisels, screw drivers, files, pliers, and more. A shelf holds various router-related items.

Right corner of the back wall, from a little greater distance. Shows router table, router bits and various router related items. This is also where hand saws are stored as well as safety related stuff like safety glasses, face shield, and air masks. Underneath the router table is a wet-dry vac. It doesn’t get much use now that I have the dust collector, but this is such a good place to store it. On the side of the work bench is a pencil sharpener.

The “back room” of the shop holding more than 200 board-feet of walnut, about 100 board feet of cedar, and 5 walnut slabs. Some other misc. pieces are shown such as a right-angle jig, a spline jig, table saw miter jig, and box-joint jig. Barely in the foreground is a jointer.

View from the very back looking in toward the entrance. Upper left shows a filtered box fan. On the lower left is a new table saw, and beyond that is a downdraft sanding table. Like the dust collection box, the downdraft sanding table isn’t as useful as it could be because the dust collector doesn’t really have enough oomph. On the right side foreground is the jointer. Further ahead is the bandsaw on the right and beyond that is the worktable. On a shelf under the worktable is my 13-inch Dewalt planer, Bosch circular saw, and Porter Cable Dovetail jig. Eventually I’ll have to make a stand for the planer. It isn’t a big deal to pick it up and down right now but when I’m older its gonna be difficult, for sure, because the damn thing is heavy.

Special closeup view of my table saw. While I got a lot of use out of my Dewalt portable table saw, this thing is a thousand times more useful. Behind the table saw are a ton of empty jars ready for Jennifer Groves to put food in this summer!

Not really shown elsewhere in this photo album is a “closet”. This is the other side of the wall on the right of the entranceway. Inside of this room is a dust collector, shown prominently in this picture. To the lower left in this picture is a dust separator which basically separates the big chips before they make their way into the dust bag. Under the dust collector but not shown is a small air compressor.