Just a tad under 2 years ago, I posted about the idea of an Accessibility Body of Knowledge. Five months later, the first version of A11yBuzz.com was born – not as a replacement for a cohesive Body of Knowledge, but rather as a resource for collecting accessibility resources. Since then, admittedly, I’ve had little time for maintaining and curating it. Development has been in infrequent spurts as time and inspiration allowed. Earlier this year, Mike Guill began a redesign of the site, facilitating new features such as commenting, voting, and favoriting. As before however, development of the new version has been in brief spurts. If you’re interested in a preview, go to http://dev.a11ybuzz.com. I’d like to

How you can help

I’m open to contributions from anyone willing and able to help.


The current list of outstanding items that need to be addressed can be found at https://bitbucket.org/karlgroves/a11ybuzz/issues. Every issue prefixed with “MS1” must be addressed before the new version is released. At a high level here’s what is need:

  • HTML/ CSS – A11yBuzz uses relatively simple HTML5 for document structure and the YAML framework for the responsive CSS
  • PHP/ MySQL – The backend of A11yBuzz uses PHP and MySQL, mostly based on my own basic homegrown framework. Nothing too bleeding edge, here. It consists of a series of CRUD classes.
  • JavaScript – A11yBuzz uses rather limited jQuery. Some upcoming features include relatively simple AJAX post requests.

If you’re interested in contributing, please give me a shout at karlgroves@gmail.com