I got into web development in the late 90s. By that time, the Web Accessibility Initiative was well on its way to trying to make the web more accessible. In that time we’ve seen the rise (and fall) of many new technologies on the web and many new devices used to consume and create web content and yet accessibility is still an area that sees little attention in the mainstream.

For me, seeing accessibility talks at conferences that present the basics really bums me out. I often tease my good friend Billy Gregory for doing “basic” presentations. I’ve seen those types of presentations a gazillion times and personally wish there were more presentations on bleeding edge tech like JavaScript MVC frameworks and Web Components. I shy away from them myself and shy away from writing about things that are “basic” on my blog. Maybe it is a little egotistical, but I’d rather focus my time on answering hard questions.

On February 28, 2015, at Accessibility Camp Bay Area I will be doing a talk on the basics

Why? Because the basics are still a big deal. By the time Accessibility Camp Bay Area rolls around, Tenon API will have tested a half-million distinct URLs. The data we will have will be statistically significant and it shows quite clearly that web developers still get the basics wrong.

Join me February 28, 2015, at Accessibility Camp Bay Area where I will discuss the 10 most frequent accessibility issues and how to avoid them.